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More Original short stories by Denny


1. Devil Dips .pdf

2. Flying Farmers .pdf

3. Three Characters .pdf

  1. 4. The Return of Jennie Joseph.pdf

  2. 5. A Pool Hall Rat.pdf

  3. 6. Chasing_The Greatest Generation!_.pdf

  4. 7. Donnie & Dolores.pdf

>The Rexford Series pt.1 .pdf

A Complete PDF of all 12 stories

The Stories

Note: All Stories are on file with the US Copyright Office and Writer’s Guild!

1. The Rocket -
1991  They failed to beat The Rocket across the railroad crossing!

2. Dirty Louie - 1991  The ‘Fashion Dandy’ of 1915 had become the town derelict!

3. The Pencil Man - 1995  A Wounded Veteran of WW2 is abandoned in our town!

4. The Trip To The Genoa Tower - 2013  A command trip with Grandfather Davis!

5. The Night Santa ‘Crashed’ The Sunday School Christmas Pageant - 2014

6. The Kid - 2016  The rebel juvenile who became a Pacific WW2 hero!

7. The Batboy - 2017  The 3rd grader who earned the respect of the Town Baseball Team!

8. A Thorn in the Flesh - 2017  The gifted musician who lost his life to alcohol!

  1. 9.My Bricklayers - 2017  The 13-year old who became a qualified ‘Mud-Master!’

10. The Nominee - 2017  The teenager who found success in challenging himself!

                                                                   11. A Visit from the County School Superintendent -2017 We knew the Boss had arrived!

                                                                   12. Sister Agnes - 2017  The dreaded “Night Sister” had become a most trusted friend!

>Davis Family Record II .pdf

  A 2014 publication of the John & Anna Davis Family who immigrated to Boston from England in 1714.  This publication explores the descendants of the family as they migrated first to Iowa... and in 1878 to Norton County Kansas... and all family members descending from the Manley & Minnie Belle (McCabe) Davis Family as of May, 2014.